Thursday, January 9, 2014

A man. A plan. A Canal. Panama.

Hola Amigos!

For our last day of class here at Panama, we revisited Casco Viejo!

         Colonial Architecture of the French                                             Cathedral                                         

Here, we separated into three groups and had a very hearty discussion about referendum of the Panama Canal expansion project.

One of the group discussion at a local coffee shop

After discussion we had free time to explore the area and take more pictures. We also spent a good amount of time shopping for souvenirs and visiting local stores and restaurants. 


Today was kind of an interesting experience for us because Panama is commemorating the 50th year of Martyr's day. On January 9, 1964, an incident occurred at Balboa High School where a group of students wanted to raise the Panamanian flag along with the US flag but were forcibly stopped by the American soldiers. This resulted several casualties of the students. This is why today, we also had to be extra careful with our behaviors in public in observance of this solemn holiday.

The best part of the day was dinner! We gathered as a group, dressed up and had a fancy dinner at La Casa de Marisco.

Classy Dinner

We all then met back at the pool deck for the last time and brought closure to the course. Everyone offered their input and acknowledged certain people who have made their trip unforgettable.

So long, Panama!
Thanks for all the memories! 

local restaurant at Casco Viejo

From your last day bloggers,
Edric, Maximo and Greame

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