Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hola amigos,
Today we visited what used to be Balboa High School, and what currently serves as the offices for the Canal de Panama administrative offices.  The architecture resembled the institutional layout that we saw yesterday at the Cuidad del Saber.
Upon arrival, we headed into one of the classrooms to begin our day's discussion
Dean Berger shares his insight into the complex political Panamanian system of the 20th Century

Our discussion today was centered around the economic and societal consequences that stemmed from the Commissary system that was set up by United States government in the Canal Zone.

Above: a shot of the main administration building of the ACP.  Below: a panoramic view from the top of the steps.

After a nice lunch at Niko's cafe, we headed back to the hotel for an evening full of working on our research papers (joy!)  

We got a nice break from our studies when we got a visit from a friend of Dean Berger's from the US embassy.  He gave us a brief oral presentation on the significance of Panama in modern day economics as a free trade zone of global significance, second only to Singapore.  

Since Daniel took the Anchorman Reference I was planning, I'll leave you with an Anchorman 2 reference..

Don't just have a great night everyone.. have an American night.

-Benny and Chase

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